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Since 2011, we have been one of the largest software companies in kuwait... more than 1000 customers and thousands of solutions and services provided.

app programming

bluezone is one of the first and best web design, Development and mobile application Programming companies in Kuwait.Where the presence Of applications to display the services of companies and Individuals has become a distinctive sign of the company Keeping up with modern technology.


Commercial web design

The design of the online store creates an effective and strong presence for your company, ensuring the flow of new customers and enhancing the loyalty of existing customers It increases awareness of your trading currencies, achieves your goals and boosts your profits


website design

Your website is the best person to talk about, talking, explaining your ideas, and offering your products. To make your website attractive and smooth.


Social media

If you do not have the idea and want to create a project that fulfills the ambition that you are seeking, we in bluezone offer you ideas and help you until you start a professional project in the technological market



Bluzon is proud to offer a social media account management service to increase sales. Also, interacting with customers through modern technology, which includes professional designs, responding to comments and increasing followers.


Site configuration in search engines

Preparing sites in order to be suitable for display. These sites appear, and the continuation of appearing in the results of the pages of search engines.


Social media Campaign

bluezone has the best team in the internet marketing where the bluezone Digital marketing team holds a Google Certified Google AdWords Certified Certification for Advertising Campaign Management and thus we guarantee you professional management of your


Electronic stores manag.

Bluzone provides website and online store management service through a unique control panel. And also add the electronic content completely professionally. In addition, suitable designs with imaging service for products and a configuration when added to fit with the SEO search engines.


Send SMS messages

bluezone web design company also offers an SMS sending service. It is one of the best means of advertising. Whereas, messages are sent to the areas of your online store or the targeted areas. bluezone also guarantees quick access and direct targeting of clients.


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